Time: 2nd of November from 15 – 19
Place: University of Copenhaguen Søndre Campus Party room, building 11 (11.C.0.08), Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 København S

On the 2nd of November , we will meet to commemorate the loss of lives during the pandemic of Covid-19. Despite the theme being death, the point is actually to celebrate the dead in a festive manner filled with love and happines, only like this will the dead keep living.


15:00 – Workshop: Paper clip and “Calaveritas” (skullheads) by Yurika Kristensen

15:30 – Welcome and presentation of altar

16:00 – Presentation by Jesper Nielsen

17:00 – Look around and learn about other cultures!

17.30 – Stand up with Fabiola Gonzalez

18.00 – Folklore dance by Teresa and Mauro

18.30 – Modern dance by Tomomi

19.00 – Moment of silence and lightning of lanterns

*Sign up is required for workshop – sign up here: https://billetto.dk/e/de-dodes-dag-hvis-du-fejrer-mig-sa-lever-jeg-altid-billetter-575194

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/924408634855400/

Deads day is organized and coordinated by AiiA, with the support of The University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities.

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